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    Diversité de travaux dans l'univers quantique


 (divers systèmes, écriture d'Hamiltoniens, expressions de couplages, d'interactions, de potentiels, non linéarités, recherche de fonctions propres)



     Nobel Lecture 

     Controlling photons in a box and Exploring the Quantum to Classical Boundary

         Rev. Mod. Phys., 85 , 1083 (2013)

         S. Haroche



    Lifetime of Quantum Breathers for DNA Macromolecules

     Journal of Electron Devices, 18,  1575-1581 (2013)


            In this paper a non-periodic boundary condition and number conserving approach, apart from various techniques available,

            only the temporal evolution of the number of quanta (i.e. phonons) in more sites, i.e. in more domains, is detailed in this present

             investigation for a generalized Klein-Gordon system with important application in macromolecules such as DNA. The temporal

             evolution spectra are also presented. From the approximate meeting point of different quanta, we also derive the ‘time of redistribution’

             or ‘critical time’ of quanta that is proportional to the lifetime of quantum breathers (QBs) in femtoseconds (fs).

                Keywords: Quantum Breathers Life Time, Femto-Second Responses, DNA, K-G Equation.



    THz Response of Split-Ring-Resonator Based on Nonlinear Metamaterials

    Journal of Electron Devices, 16, 1321-1325 (2012)


            In this paper, we outline a novel class of materials, called metamaterials, with negative refractive index and a high degree of nonlinearity.

            A brief summary is given on the basic theory of optics to show how this condition arrives for metamaterials to be designed into an antenna

             with split-ring-resonator (SRR). An example is given on the modeling of such SRR-based metamaterials. The goal of this paper is

             to explore whether SRR system, through engineering of their geometry (i.e. change of coupling) and permittivity, shows any sensitivity

            on the femtosecond response of quantum breathers by quantum calculations hitherto not done in metamaterials. This study is quite realistic

             to understand quantum localization by nonlinearity that is essential for many small-structured nano-devices. Therefore, this study should be

             viewed as working towards understanding of many nano structured devices.

                 Keywords: Metamaterial, SRR, Quantum Breathers, femtosecond response.



Phase-Space Description of a Particle in a Quartic Double-Well Potential

Int. J. Modern Phys. B, 2014, 28, 1450164 (2014)  28, 1450164 (2014).

     IN THIS WORK  ( http://lamps.univ-perp.fr )

Particles in a double-well potential V(x) = ax2/2+bx4/4

Method for evaluation of quantum corrections

A tunneling effect investigation .



    Intensity Operator for Forbidden  Lines Spectra of S-state Ions

    Physical Review B, 14, 2757-2760 (1976)


               An intensity spin operator is derived which leads to a description of the intensity of the lines in electron magnetic spectra.

               Results are compared with experimental EPR mesurements on AL2O3:Mn2+ spectra.

               The spin Hamiltonian for Mn2+ ions has been written including both electron and nuclear spin operators.

               Eingenfunctions are obtained in perturbation theory approximation.

                     Keywords: S-state ions, magnetic transitions, Spin  Intensity operator, Spin Hamiltonian .